Friday, April 8, 2011

My New Experiment

I have had some recent health issues here lately that I really want to remedy. I am considering a Vegan diet for a year. Okay I know I'm a good ol' southern girl and love, love meat, so before you say ok Mel, are you nuts? I have just been reading a lot here lately about a how a meat filled diet is not so good for your health. So I think starting the 23rd of this month I think I'm going to start my Vegan diet. I've done this once before as a vegetarian for a year. I ate eggs and dairy products. But this time I'm going to see if this is actually possible. I'm going to blog about my experience throughout the year, this ought to be interesting....

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Here I Go Again, Thank you Julia Childs

I think I am ready to come out of hiding. I was sitting in my new recliner, which by the way I think I may have to marry, watching such the delightful movie that is Julie and Julia and decided, why did I ever stop blogging? I liked the release and I know my millions of readers need me right? right? You know you do. So I've decided that I would make all of Julia Child's creations in a year, all 512, hahahaha, yeah right had you going right??

I have taken everything hopefully, increminating to my job off so hopefully everyone will be happy there, first ammendmentsmendment, and just stick to what I normally talk about weight and clutter. Two things which I am an expert about....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oh I Love a Rainy Night!

Hello, click,'s like walking into a dark hall with high heels. No one is here, I'm alone. Since my unfortunate incident with some rat fink who thought it necessary to turn my blog into my supervisor, I took my blog from the world, and the world is hurting, I know it. Anyhoo, so it is 12:46 and I'm not at all sleepy, so I'm blogging. The beauty of it, is that I don't have to go to work tomorrow because the hubs and I are going to the U2 concert...yeah baby, so excited.

My sister's wedding came and went last weekend. It was beautiful and now I'm looking at pictures of myself, some are good and some are not, back on the diet but gotta do it. I am losing some weight before I get pregnant. Don't I say this every day of my freggin life?!!?

It is raining and it is a lovely sound, I slept too much today, so now I'm up. I know this was the most boring blog, but it doesn't matter, who the hell is reading it? Peace out.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Cake

Yesterday, my husband made a cake. I think he wanted to see if he could add to his successful baking attempts (the week before he made a pistachio cake for his mother's birthday, that was surprisingly good). I was, of course, running around, making last minute preparation for my sister's bridal shower. With my son in tow, off I went to Bossier, and then Shreveport. The week had been exhausting for me. Back to School Night on Monday, the DRAMA that I endured at my school (read on), and Liam's little music class started this week. So I am really thinking how truly exhausted I really am. I fly to the department store for a wedding present, all I can say is thank God for registries, then to a party store to buy all of the paper goods that I should have bought when I took Liam to his class on Thursday, but didn't, and then to the final destination where the shower was to be held. I felt like I was totally off my game, but thank goodness for aunts and cousins who are pros at functions like this, they helped me set it all up. The shower goes off without a hitch. Well, maybe a few hitches. Like the deli did not have the food trays ready when my mom goes to pick them up an hour before the shower (even though they were ordered the day before and the order was tacked on the bulletin board above the workers' heads, only after they saw the shocked and angry look on my mother's face did they start hopping to get them done). Oh yeah, me realizing I had no forks, spoons, or anything to cut the cake with, or a pen to write the gifts down for thank you notes. And my personal favorite, the register locking up while the party store employee was checking me out on my second visit of the day to retrieve items that I forgot listed above. I really liked the fact I had to wait ten minutes for the girl to wiggle with wires to get the stupid thing to work making me late for the shower I was throwing, nice. Despite our troubles, my sister got great gifts, the food was good and there were utensils to eat it with, and I wrote a detailed account of every present received. It was a lovely shower. I was so glad for my sister and I was so relieved when everything was over.

So I get in the car and get a text from my husband, and I am not quite sure what to say. There it is a picture of his cake, or a volcano I really can't tell which. I study the image trying to find the layers, but it just looks like something a kid would bring to school for a science project. So I can't wait to see the real thing when I come home. When I finally get home to my beautiful sanctuary the cake is revealed to me and I can't help but laugh. It is the most hideous thing I'd ever seen. The picture did not do it justice. After walking with Joyous, picking up and eating Chinese take out, we sampled the cake de jour: a dark chocolate, mock-black forest cake. It tasted really good despite its appearance. I was surprised. This cake that my husband made had been the smile that I had needed all week. This ugly/beautiful thing was a metaphor for my week. In essence, it started out crappy but ending up tasting pretty good, thanks Mark.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Why Didn't I Take A Benedryl At 9???

Just wondering in my sleepyness, why in the world is there a commercial encouraging children to venture to the forest? Not any specific one, there is even a website. or some other nonsense. I'm just wondering are children really that deprived that they don't go and explore in the woods anymore?? I just think that is so weird. We lived in the woods, when I was a kid.

Another thing, I'm thinking I missed my calling. I should have been a pet psychologist. I mean are people seriously taking this crap seriously?

Alright might be going to bed now, I'm even throwing caution to the wind and not spell checking just posting...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What's the Deal??

Alright, so I really had every intention of getting a goodnight sleep...I'm so frustrated!! I didn't take a nap today, I walked 7 miles (literally 7 people), and was exhausted at about 11:30, which is early for me. I went to bed at that time, I spring awake at 1:50, and can't go back to sleep. I want to go into my cabinets right now and pretend I am a bear that has come upon a campsite, where the campers, stupidly, left all of their wonderful goodies out. I'm totally imagining Rice Krispies and junk, and how good it would be. Grrrrr, practicing my bear pose. So instead of devouring everything in my kitchen, I'm blogging, so I won't. And although I'm sure this is terribly boring to whom ever reads it, it is doing me a tremendous favor. I'm sure watching Barefoot Contessa is not, but whatcha gonna do? Hopefully I'll get tired soon, I really have to go work in my classroom tomorrow.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Biggest Loser

I realize I am not one of those women who will ever be able to eat whatever she wants...duh!! It is so hard for me, I think I am a true foodaholic. Most women are. I have lost about 25 pounds and have hit a plateau, so I have an idea. Since I have this little bloggy, I am going to blog about my weight loss. I am determined. I vowed to myself that I am going to lose this weight and by golly I am. I am going to do something a bit shocking...I am going to admit my weight on the Internet and put pics of myself on this blog. Now, I am going to try to get some of my friends involved in the process. My weigh day will be every Saturday at 9 o'clock a.m. Yes folks, I am going to add a pic along with it. I am woman, so I will have my downfalls and hopefully triumphs. I will post a workout goal of the week as well as a weight loss goal. So below I am including my goals of the week. Good Luck Me!! Comon Guys I need your support!! Of course this post is after a day of Mexican food and Chocolate Chip Cookies :)

Workout Goal: Workout at the gym, walk with the girls, or 30 minutes of workout at least 6 days this week.
Eating: Eat only about 1,200 calories per day!